Regaining Sanity & Embracing a Simpler Real Life

The end of a ranting era,I’m back and this time I have made peace with everything ready to walk into a new year or a new phase in my life where the main focus is growing myself.I decided to detoxify my life by deleting social media platforms well temporarily and the goal is to cross the year offline,read more books and just focus on working out and becoming better.

Alot of us consume social media but really it’s social media that’s consuming us we tend to lose ourselves in perfectly fake curated worlds by random people online and that corrupts the idea of what our perfect should be..well life really can never be perfect,it can be imperfectly perfect but what I’m trying to say is we are living in a time where peer pressure is not just something that 13 year olds in high-school go through but the entire world is…this is depending on the level of accessibility to Social media a ‘modern day Deamon’

We’re high on temporary entertainment and contentment as well as feel lacking because of how much our peers seem to have it all but life shouldn’t really be that ,Don’t get me wrong social media isn’t entirely bad there’s a lot of greatness in it but you must be on some high level of sobriety when consuming from it to not be affected by it.


A Better Day is Coming!

Last time I was here feeling awful today I’m here feeling hopeful…. for the Christians sometimes we tend to forget the good that once was and focus on the bad I had one of those moments maybe because I am human and the bads have been plenty..However in Faith I am trusting God and purposely going to focus on the good ,chase it,manifest it,believe it and meditate on it because I believe that God has great plans for my life and I am purposely going to look for that great and I promise to find it because I am determined…what is meant for me will find me on matters love and what isn’t well I pray for discernment, I have been through it all and it can only get better that I strongly believe next time I am here I promise to bear good news 😊 because I know that’s all that’s coming my way and I trust and am ready for it .This I believe so Help me God!

Tired of Trying

Have you ever just thought of dying..hurt so much and tried so much but it’s all just empty even the little connections that brought you joy are beginning to feel forced your efforts are generally just pointless because nothing seems to be working out and you just wish you’d sleep and never wake up…I wish you never have to feel that… because I feel that and it sucks and hurts so bad…I’m a good person but why is the world filled with bad people, why do some struggle and others have it easy…I know it’s unfair but like life is unfair and for that reason I’d rather just sleep and never have to wake up because I’m tired of it all.

Don’t take this literally as I don’t intend to do anything I’m just sad,tired and hurting..I pray that God if you are there and are listening please help me!….I need you.

I Think I jinxed it

Maybe I Spoke too soon. Honestly I initially did not care about how far this July love was to last initially until I got ghosted. It hurts not a little bit but a lot ,I think I was attached mostly because I was love bombed I got used to the daily phone calls the affection and the treatment I forgot that men are a special breed with barely any emotion. I was supposed to come back here with updates of my July love story but it seems to be over before it even properly started not worth narrating but i think men have a foot in their chest instead of a heart…well most men!.At the back of my mind I was still hoping for a phone call with a valid explanation an apology but all i got was a disrespectful meme. I am only human still hopeful to find genuine love but for now afraid of loving.

Love in July

I know I know, A pretty lazy title I have picked but don’t question my creativity I’m actually here to give facts and actual accounts of what my July has been like …it’s all been so surreal almost like a should stick around …you’ll see…I feel like I’m deserving to have my own Bold type like series streaming on hulu of my sweet sweet July!.

Before I get deeper or even start I think I should mention that this is entirely from my side,my wild imaginations and my free spirit it might not necessarily be the actual facts according to everyone else in this story so stick around for it.